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  • On behalf of my colleagues, members of the Board of Directors and all members of the Gulf Heart Association (GHA), I welcome you to our new and updated home page.

    The GHA is a leading, non-profit, professional, regional cardiology organization. The GHA was established during the first Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Cardiovascular Conference in Doha during January 15-17, 2002. The formation of the GHA was a landmark accomplishment for the GCC states that built bridges of cooperation among cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, and other cardiovascular specialties in the GCC states.

    The main aim of the GHA is to improve the quality of cardiac care in the GCC states through its various activities.

    The major aims of our association are:

    • Raising the standard of cardiac care in the GCC states.
    • Conduct scientific conferences and symposia.
    • Carry on scientific research on cardiovascular diseases.
    • Publish professional periodicals (Heart Views is GHA’s official journal).
    • Create professional, educational, and social ties among members of GHA.
    • Collaborate with international cardiology institutions and professional societies.
    • Establish criteria for GCC cardiovascular specialists to meet high standards of competence and expertise.
    • Work with GCC governments to create prevention programs aimed at reducing cardiovascular diseases.

    We welcome your input and participation in our website.



    Mohammad Zubaid


    International Affiliations

    Raising the standard of cardiac care in the GCC states

    About GHA

    About GHA

    We are a leading, non-profit, professional, regional organization with our focus on cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.



    In line with our vision of promoting medical education towards cardiologists in the Gulf region, GHA provides a range of educational activities.



    Stay up to date on best-science practices in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery through our publications.